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october 22nd, 2011. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll have more on that story in a moment. want to begin with a quick check of your forecast. chuck bell is joining us in the studio. things looking good this weekend. >> yes, a good-looking weekend. did you enjoy your week. >> with the exception of wednesday. >> wednesday was nasty. >> a little gloomy. that's all right. this is three weeks in a row we have had rain during the week leaving us high and dry for the weekend. three weekends in a row. you got to the love that. outside on a beautiful saturday morning. generally clear sky to get the weekend started. clear skies won't last all day long. a little bit of sunshine this morning. that will cook up cloud deck by late morning, earl you afternoon. no threat for rainfall on your weekend. anything you've got planned outdoors, it will be a cooperative weekend for that. 50 degrees in downtown washington. everybody else is down into the 30s and 40s this morning. 39 in petersburg and culpeper this morning, 39 in manassas. 33 in spotsylvania. state of maryland low to mid 40s for much of
the u.s. settled with the families of the victims. >>> president obama used a dinner here in washington to chastise the republican presidential candidates. last night he celebrated the repeal of don't ask, don't tell at the human rights campaign annual dinner. the president also took republican challengers to task for not defending a gay soldier booed in a recent debate. >> it's okay for a stage full of political leaders one of whom could end up being the president of the united states being silent when an american soldier is booed. we don't believe in that. >> during his speech, president obama also called for the end of the defense of marriage act which defines marriage as between one man and one woman. >>> the redskins looking for their first road win of the season today. washington heads to st. louis to face off against the 0-3 rams. players and coaches say they're not taking the game lightly and the wynnless rams are still a tough time. it's expected to be a challenge for the burgundy and gold. but the skins's offense is expected to face the struggling ram defense. they gave up 37
the country, the 2011 home coming parade. here's derrick ward joining us live from the route with more. derek, good morning. >> as you can see behind me, georgia avenue in front of howard university is all festooned with balloons and flags. that means only one thing this time of year here. this is time for howard's homecoming. the theme this year is prestige, the epitome of distinction, something embodied by this university, its staff and alumni. lots of folks are already lining up early to get those prime viewing spots here. we caught up with a family who was out here, i would say they were the first folks out here. displaying their bison spirit. >> i'm a howard alumni. i'm an ex-football player on the '96 championship team. we love to come back to support the new team. >> sir for you, you're alumni as well? >> i'm not. i'm the parent of two alumni, a daughter and son. >> so you play an important role in howard obviously. >> since 1989 continually, someone from my family's surname has been a student here consecutively since 1989. >> excellent. and this is just an important thing for the city
a man found dead on the metro tracks in rockville. police tell us the man is 37 years old and from gaithersburg. he was found around 3:00 this morning just a couple of hundred feet from the rockville metro station. they say there is no evidence of foul play and no trauma to suggest the man was hit by a train. we'll bring you the updates throughout the morning as think come into news 4. >>> one of al qaeda's most influential leaders has been killed in an air strike. anwaral-awlaki had ties to our area. he was killed yesterday in yemen. he had dual citizenship with the u.s. and yemen. he helped spread al qaeda's message through social media. he directed the failed underwear bombing attack on christmas in 2009 and was mentioned in the fort hood shootings last year. he was an imam to a mosque in falls church. members say they do not share his extremist views and people should learn more about islam before rushing to judgment. >> i think people need to be become a little more knowledgeable about the variances in each religion, about the extremists and those practicing to be honest indiv
with a hefty fine. >>> the u.s. kills a top al qaeda leader with ties to the washington area. we have local reaction on the deadly drone attack. >>> traffic alert. getting around the washington area will be a little challenging this weekend. we're going to show you what areas you may want to avoid from the roads to the metro. good morning. >>> folks, it is the first day of october and we have got some cool numbers out there. let's get your first forecast with meteorologist chuck bell. refreshing start. >> new month, new atmosphere, new everything. >> i busted out the scarf and the winter coat this morning. >> you're going to need it. you're definitely going to need it this weekend. be ready for a november like weekend in october. we skipped the whole month of october. the leaves are still green, but man, has it cooled down out there. 40s and 50s to get your weekend starleted under a mostly cloudy sky. it's blustery out there as well. i had the sunroof open on the way to work. 49 degrees in haguerstown, maryland. 55 right here in downtown washington. upper 50s along the bay side down towards
. the protesters swarmed the museum protesting a military drone exhibit. derrick ward joins us now from freedom plaza with more. derrick, is the protest growing larger this morning? >> it's about the same as it is in the morning when folks wake up here at the plaza. i mean, you've got folks here and you have folks over at mcpherson square as well. it varies throughout the course of the day. sometimes the groups converge. other groups come down. so it's a number that changes but there's always a core presence here as you can see. what happened yesterday was remit of t reminiscent of the points of view. this gentleman wearing this hat, it cost $10. it goes towards water for folk who are suffering or threatened by dehydration. a lot of other causes. we actually did talk to someone at the air and space museum who told us they had not intended to be violent. this person says she was a passivist and it would be a cool irony to get violent about a protest about a drone which they see as a vehicle of violence as well. of course there's the other points of view representing the big money or corporate in
despite being exposed to the elements. >> when he first arrived, he was looking at us. he was surprisingly cooperative with all of the evaluations that we're performing. and as i said when he first saw his mother he looked at her and smiled. that was very heartwarming. >> reporter: about 6,000 people took part in the search. some gathered near the scene afterward to give thanks for the outcome. >> it was tough going. we had a lot behind us. we had a lot in front of us. we had a lot, but god was with us all the way. >> reporter: robert's father released a statement. robert is a very strong and determined little boy. we never gave hope that he would come home safe. thank you so much everybody. robert is home. robert wood junior will remain here at vcu medical center for another few days and then it is home to his nice warm bed. >>> amazing to see that story had such a happy ending. >> and they had so many people who wanted to volunteer and help with that search. they had to turn some people away. it looks like the people they had out there had some great eyes. >>> it is 9:80 right now. thous
. >>> a taste of winter before halloween. a powerful storm moves into our area, brings us snow and sleet in october. thanks for starting your weekend with us. >> welcome to news 4 today on this saturday, october 29th. . >>> as we speak, parts of our area are getting blanketed with snow. >> bizarre. >> while the roads may be too warm for roads to stick, the storm could knock out power to tens of thousands of people across the region. we'll go to the weather center where meteorologist chuck bell is getting up to the minute updates. we're getting our first taste of snow. >>> we certainly are. no smoke plaks reported around the immediate washington area. there are snowflakes in western part of frederick county. upper montgomery county, a changeover from rain to snow. the higher terrain not far north and west of town that's where the snow flakes are starting to mix in and take over in some place now. almost an inch of rain down in the southern parts of the shan doa valley. temperatures right now in the very cold 30s all across the area. cloudy skies, rain falling in washington. 39 degrees at
>>> good morning. thanks for wake up with us this morning for news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm john schriffen. today is sunday, october 23rd. we'll start off with weather. chuck bell is here in the studio. a little chilly out there right now. >> especially towards the blue ridge developing into the 30s. quite a bit of frost out there this morning on the pumpkins. so a very cold start to a sunday morning. even in downtown. temperatures plymouthed down into the low 40s. a chilly way to get your sunday started. today, unlike yesterday, we're actually going to get a little bit more sunshine. close to 100%, put it that way. outside right now, a clear sky has really allowed temperatures to fall off dramatically during the overnight hours. even into the downtown urban heat island, 35 at national airport. look at all the 30s on the map. charles county, 38. manassas, 36. gaithersburg, 36. just a whisker above the freezing work at 34 degrees. here's your forecast for today. mostly sunny, milder. near peak on the fall color. with all the extra sunshine today, a few clouds coming in and
protesters are right here in the nation's capital. thanks for starting your weekend with us. >>> welcome to news 4 today on this saturday, october 15th. the day of action is one of several demon straights planned for today right here in washington. >> they're all scheduled to coincide with the dedication of the martin luther king junior memorial. take a look at this map. at least three major rallies are planned in and around town today. mayor vin vent gray will be taking part in the d.c. for freedom rally in march. organizers want to draw attention to their fight for rights in the district. it's the cause that led to mayor gray's aarrest earlier this year. >> across town the reverend al sharpton will lead a march. >> and members of the occupy d.c. movement will also have their voices heard today. they're marching to the national mall at noon. those protesters say they will lend their support to dman stroitors fighting for d.c. voting rights. rallies are taking place around the world. it's being called an international day of action. protests are being planned from long don to new zealand
>> today is sunday, october 23rd. thanks for joining us. we'll get to those stories in just a minute. first, how about weather, chuck bell? >> how about a little fall chill in the air this morning. >> oh, yeah. >> our coldest start in six months. >> whoa! >> truly the change of seasons is upon us. you'll feel the fall this morning on your way out the door. not much in the way of fog in this particular shop but there is a wonderful deck of fog over the potomac just upstream from this shot right here. patchy fog in the shenandoah as well. the big story this morning in the brrr factor. 49 in washington. 52, annapolis. 37 in frederick, maryland. 36 in martinsburg. 39 in manassas. good news is we have sunshine out there. and the sunshine we get to keep all day long. a few fair weather clouds. low to mid-60s. cooler in the high spots. tomorrow, another lovely day. clouds on the increase tomorrow afternoon. a mild monday with highs closing in on 70 degrees. rain and potentially a lot of it before the week is through. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you, chuck. >>> breaking news
i'm angie goff. >> it is sunday, october 2nd. thank you so much for joining us. those top stories we'll get to in just a moment. first, meteorologist chuck bell is in the studio. it's not too pretty outside. i don't know if you have many friends right now. >> no. i don't have many friends. >> you have friends in here, but i'm sure people at home -- >> seeing the kind of wind we saw blow around the washington monument. >> no. it will not be that breezy today. that's one step in the right direction. over the last couple of hours, looking at some of the latest computer guidance and new hope it won't be quite as rainy today. as was originally feared. i have lowered our chance of rain a touch. >>> you're gaining more friends. >> i went from a 70% chance to a 40% chance. there's a nice update for you there. i'll show you why i'm more confident. don't get me fooled. it's not going to be warm today. and you're not going to see much in the way of sunshine. we're not going to have as much wind or rain as we did yesterday. that's the improvement. right now temperatures are in the 40s around
there this morning. thanks for joining us this morning, everybody. i'm angie goff. >> i'm john schriffen. welcome on news 4 on this sunday, october 30th. right now crews are looking to clear snow and ice from streets in the washington area as temperatures dropped below freezing. >> many learned just how click the roads are. these are a few accidents reported in montgomery county. there have been crashes in virginia and the district. fortunately no reports of dates at this point. news 4's derrick ward has more on the october snow. >>> at this vdot trucks got their loads under chilly skies and road surfaces that were wet. 200 trucks were out on virginia roadways. a few minutes drive southwest and the efforts were needed and appreciated. in leesburg it looked like november rather than the end of october. it is still technically hurricane season. this kind of weather is unexpected and unwelcomed. >> oh, i think it's crazy. snowing in october? we're just not prepared. we're wearing t-shirts with hats. >> as long as it doesn't freeze and turn to ice we might be all right. >> i'm not ready for this at a
protesters set up camp in tokyo park. elsewhere people marched on the u.s. embassy in manila. if you plan on marching around town, you probably want the bring the swert. >> a sweater and the old joke hold on to your hats, hairpieces and kids under 40 pounds. sunshine out there for now. the winds aloft 3,000 to 5,000 feet are really howling. once we get the sunshine and it starts to mix up the atmosphere and it allows the winds at higher elevations to mix their way down to the ground so we will feel them. outside right now plenty of sunshine out there. the kennedy center in the distance 57 at national airport. 57 also in annapolis. 57 in leesburg and fairfax. 55 in martinsburg. no rain on the radar. the highlighted counties out to the west. it's a high wind advisory for this evening. winds will gust 25 to 35 around town. more than 40 miles per hour wind gusts out to the west. plenty of sunshine and mild for college football fans. the naval academy is on the road taking on rutgers in new jersey. 66 degrees there a 2:00 kick off. a houlg west wind in new jersey today. local game georgetown t
will finally be dedicated. thanks for joining us, everybody, i'm angie goff. >> i'm john schriffen. this is the day hundreds of people have dreamt about for years. >> a little more than three hours from now the martin luther king jr. memorial will be dedicated. >> activities begin at 8:00. the dedication program begins at 9:00 along the tidal basin. 50,000 people are expected to attend. president obama will deliver the keycoat address starting at 11:00. jesse jackson and members of the king family will speak. >> make sure you pack patience. several roads around the tidal basin and national mall are already closed for the event. among them, parts of constitution and inside avenue as well as ohio drive. the roads will remain closed until the police deem them safe again. it's also operating extra trains to handle the large crowds. >> if the crowds are too much to handle, don't worry, you can see all the ceremony live on nbc washington nonstop starting at 10:00 a.m., verizon 460, cox 803 and over the air at 4.2. >>> a number of demonstrations are setting the back drop for today's dedic
, october 8th, thank you so much for joining us. we'll have all this morning's news in a moment. first, we'll welcome in chuck bell with a check on our forecast. >>> good morning. how are you two this morning? >> i am feeling wonderful. >> last weekend was just the worst possible weekend for outdoor activities. this weekend is 8 0 degrees different from that. >> what's what we like to hear. >> i would call this a near perfect weekend for october. it's columbus day. a lot of people have monday off as well. >> the leaves are still all green. >> our peak on leaf season isn't until the end of october. it would be early for us. if you have to see the leaves you can go up to the poconos. for us clear skies, overhead temperatures are nice and cool this morning. 53 at national airport. but most of the western suburbs are well down into the 40s. frederick 45. mar tinsburg and charlestown and ince during up in the panhandle mid 40s. the only real knock on it there is a limit bit of very thick fog out to the west this morning. you folks west of i-95 be on the lookout for some thick fog this morning.
bell joining us in the studio. good morning. >> good morning. how are you two on your saturday? >> good day. carolina won. we're calling for a repeat of weather. >> all right. >> repeat. >> playing the same team today? we'll take two out of three. how's that? fair enough. i'm glad we don't play football that way. it's hard enough to beat a good team once. you can't beat the weather, no doubt about that. so today will be equally as nice as yesterday was. anything you were not able to finish doing in the great outdoors yesterday, pick up where you left off. a lot of road closures. army 10-miler is getting started two hours from now. a lot of people eating their wheaties getting ready for the big run. 56 in washington. about the same temperature when we get the race started at 8:00 in the morning. temperatures in the low 60s by 10:00, 11:00. a beautiful day for running in washington. bright and sunny, start to finish. sun comes up 11 minutes after 7:00 this morning. so it will be up in time for the race. that is welcomed news. highs today, upper 70s. might touch 81, 82 degrees. sunny and w
of his off-campus apartment. they found his hand print on a gun. this was a total team effort between u.s. marshalls, d.c. police, and prince george's county police. >> it's a huge group of people that come together. and when something like this comes together so quickly, it's fantastic for everybody. for the police department, the community, to get this person off the road. >>> wright is currently in a d.c. jail. he'll be extradited to maryland in the next few days or so. a memorial service will be held on tuesday night at the howard university campus. >>> it appears the occupy movements around the country are becoming more and more heated. just days after protests in oakland got out of control, demonstrations in denver turned ugly quickly. >> you're beating people. >> police clashed with protesters outside the capitol building after officials said they couldn't set up tents. the situation quickly got out of hand and police started spraying pepper spray into the crowd. protesters say they were peacefully demonstrating but officials say they were attacked by the protesters. >> police star
was after the weather talk. the pressure was on. early reports are the grades are good. for us on a beautiful saturday morning bright and sunny right now. crystal clear skies temperatures are chilly indeed. 57 degrees now at national airport. and low to mid 50s in nearly every neighborhood if you're making plans to get outside and enjoy the day do so without fear or hesitation from the weather forecast. bright and sunny today. temperatures up in the mid 70s. gorgeous looking day to be outside today. hokeys fans on their way down to blacksburg hosting the hurricanes from miami today. a 3:30 kickoff. 75 degrees perfect weather for college football in blacksburg. >> i'm sure a lot of fans are there. >> a huge fan base commutes from here every weekend. >> thanks, chuck. >>> new overnight, a dramatic rescue is caught on tape. after a pilot is forced to make an emergency landing in the ocean. the pilot was flying his twin engine plane from california to hawaii when he road for help. he said he was about to run out of fuel. a coast guard crew had their camera rolling as they guided th
's a big jumbo tron for us to see that. this is where probably someone was telling me, this is probably one of the last great gatherings of all the civil rights gatherings of the '50s and '60s getting old now. this is a chance for all of them to relive millions of memories as we dedicate the martin luther king memorial statue on the mall. the only african-american hero on the mall. any questions for me? >> i've got a question for you, tom. we talked all morning about the road closures around the monument, what it's like getting to the area. tell us, you're down there. what is it like? is everything blocked off right now? >> well, for anybody who marks in the civil rights marchs, it's just a walk. for a lot of people they were a little bit surprised that so many streets around the tidal basin, and lincoln memorial are closed to any kind of traffic. if you take the subway or bus, there's a long walk here. but the crowd has been growing steadily down here. there have been no reports of any problems in police, fire or anything like that. it's a pretty good crowd. gospel music started earlier. e
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20